Tax Preparation Classes

Rapido Express offers courses for tax preparation every first Monday of the month of October

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Our objective is to teach the preparation of taxes so that our students have the opportunity to work in our company during the season.

The course is taught in a dynamic way and with an easy and simple learning methodology.

The only requirement is the will to learn. The course is taught in Spanish.

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Monday - Friday
10:00 am a 6:00 pm

Who is Rapido Express?

We are Rapido Express. Rapido Express is a tax preparation business that was started in west phoenix in the year 2000.

Our only goal as professionals has been to serve our people with very good intentions based on the honesty and quality. These are two words that characterize us and distinguish us from the competition.

Our commitment is to work for our client. It is based on the laws and tributary regulations of the United States. Our main purpose has always been, and always will be to offer the best quality and service in regards to tax preparation services.

Throughout this time, we have worked with clients that require a simple declaration of taxes to people that have a thriving business. For these reasons, we are number one tax service in the Hispanic market.

We continue to be the number one service for years to come. We are authorized agents with IRS and we have the corresponding licenses to exercise our services. Rapido Express is not only open during tax season, but also during the whole year, except holidays.

Our high growth rate is reflected in our work and effort. Every year, our client base increases. For this reason, we have nine offices and more in the very in the near future. Currently we have offices in the Mesa, Glendale, South phoenix, West phoenix and East Phoenix.

Our team of employees continues to update its education by attending seminars and conferences instituted by the IRS. This ensures that clients receive the most knowledgeable service staff offered by any company every year.







Accounting Service

We have more than ten years of experience offering accounting services.

Our team of experts takes care of register and summarize all financial transactions of business and interprets the results.

We guide our clients based on accountable and statistical data, by means of which it is known the financial state and solvency of their company.

The main objective is to provide the client information on expenses and income.

Professional accounting summarizes the economic and financial situation of a business.

  • Which revenues do I account for?
  • What debts do I have?
  • Have I obtained a capital gain in my investments?
  • Are my expenses in line with respect to my revenues?
  • How can I increase my revenues?

These are some common questions that business owners or self employed contractors may have Accounting seems to be a headache for every business and is difficult to execute.

Rapido Express offers accounting services for all our clients that own a business or for those who are self employed.

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