If I’m self-employed what do I need for my taxes?

If you are self-employed or manage a business, or a member of a society that manages a business, and how do I file for taxes?

If you are also an independent contactor that work and is payed hourly and has their own business at half time and receives the payment cash for their work or check where doesn't pay taxes. This work entrance is also considered self-employed.

How does a self employed worker pay his taxes?

The independent contractor's entrance is self-employed subject to tax on the work that he was contracted and paid for which is subject to taxes. The entity that paid for the service will submit a 1099 form to the contractor in which taxes are declared.

Lists of Expenses for the Long Form:

• Medical Reciepts (Only include the expense paid that he/she made during the year to declare).

• Total of Miles that utilize to go to the doctor or hospital.

• Interest generated by a mortgage on a house.

• To take summarized all the expenses that will be included in the declaration if you work self-employed.

• Dental or Eye Care expenses (eyeglasses, contacts).

• Taxes or Taxes of the property (housing). • Tithes, donations to churches or Charitable Institutions .

• Clothes for Work or Uniforms.

• Shoes exclusively for work.

• Tool for work.

• Miles used in a vehicle that pertains to work.

• Taxes paid for emissions and registration of a vehicle.

• Cost of tax preparation in prior years.

• Earnings from a casino

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I do not have a valid Social Security number? What do I do? If you don't have a valid Social Security number, you can obtain an ITIN number to file your taxes. You can also obtain an ITIN for your dependents here or in Mexico with two valid identifications for each applicant.

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